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Yo I am about to break my own rules and post pictures of a non-Chicago area band playing somewhere other than Chicago. But I don’t give a fuck because the DOWNTOWN BOYS set at Smash It Dead fest 2k14 was honestly one of the most amazing punk sets I have ever seen. I cried. 

When punk is right it’s so fucking right. When everything clicks and the bands intensity is matched by the crowds intensity and relatively calm and collected people start doing nonsensical things like side to side moshing while pogoing it just feels so right. I look around and see a bunch of freaks having the time of their life like nothing else matters. Like nothing else exists and this is moment of energy is the only thing on earth. During this 10 minute set I can forget anything else exists outside the walls of this space and I finally feel like i have a place to belong. I cry like a little baby. It’s a feeling literally nothing else in life has ever given me. Punk rules and holy hell this set was life changing. 

I actually can’t believe how amazing this band is.

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    I was there for this set and I agree with this analysis. I feel so lucky I got to be there.
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